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Hi...I'm Detective TJ Howe.

If You've Been Looking Into Law Enforcement As A Career For Any Amount Of Time, Then You've Probably Seen Some Of My Articles Within The Law Enforcement World.

I Don't Want To Spend Too Much Time Talking About Me...Because Really This Is About YOU And Getting You Hired Into Your Law Enforcement Career, And...

I Promise I Can Help You Do Just That!

Yet...You Probably Want To Know Something About Who Is Behind This Revolutionary Resource You're About To Discover.

I Started My Law Enforcement At 19 Years Old...Yes I Was 19 With A Gun And A Badge! Pretty Crazy...In Fact It Boggles My Mind.

Yet, The 19 Years Old Fact Isn't Important...

What Is Important?

The Fact That I Beat Out Over 600 Other Applicants, For 1 Of 7 Positions
(Using The Techniques I Now Teach)


  • I Was Not A Police Academy Graduate (They Paid Me To Go To The Academy)
  • I Had No Work Experience
  • I Had No Life Experience
  • I Had No Credit
  • I Had No Family Ties To Law Enforcement
  • And I Even Had A Suspended Driver's License On My Record

So How Did A 19 Year Old Kid That Had No Business Enforcing Any Laws...Beat Out Over 600 Applicants Who Were Most Likely Much More Qualified?

Well...I May Not Have Been Qualified, But I Definitely Wasn't A Dummy, And I Really Wanted It.

Through This Deep Desire To Join The Law Enforcement Family, I Left Nothing To Chance...I Actually Made It Impossible For The Agency Not To Hire Me!

Sure I Studied For Each Phase Of The Hiring Process, And There Are 9 Phases You Need To Prepare For:

  1. The Application
  2. Physical Agility
  3. Written Test
  4. Personal History Statement
  5. Background Investigation
  6. Detection of Deception Test (Lie Detector)
  7. Psychological Exam
  8. Oral Board
  9. Medical Exam & Stress Test

Yet...My Secret To Getting Hired Was Not Simply Acing Each Phase.

I Created A System, That Is Based On Psychology, That Makes
It Virtually Impossible Not To Be The #1 Candidate

This Psychological Trick Has Since Been Coined:

"The Background Buzz Factor"

I Didn't Pick The Name, But That's What It's Known As So I've Decided To Go With It.

The Background Buzz Factor Is All About Making You Standout Above All Other Applicants...And Not By Outscoring Them On Tests.

(By The Way...I'll Definitely Teach You To Ace Each Phase Too)

With My Proven Techniques To Master Every Phase Of The Hiring Process And...

With Your "Background Buzz Factor" Being Off The Charts, You Will All But Punch Your Ticket To Your Law Enforcement Career.

In My Career Cop System You Will Learn All That And More.

The Career Cop System Has Propelled Countless Applicants Into Their Careers...Now It's Your Turn.

  • Dominate Every Phase Of The Hiring Process (Remember There Are 9!)
  • Create Such An Overwhelming "Background Buzz Factor" That You'll Have A Red Carpet Rolled Out For You

But Most Importantly I Stand Behind Career Cop 100%...And I Do This With My "Unconditional Triple Guarantee":

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I Wanted To Take All The Risk Off Of Your Shoulders And Because I'm So Confident In The Career Cop System, I Can Do This!

Right Now Is A Great Time To Get In On The Career Cop System Because I Have A Special Promotion Going!

I'm Not Just Offering A Very Discounted Price On The Entire Career Cop System But I'm Including Several Bonuses Which Will Further Help Guarantee Your Career.

Check It Out!

But Remember...

This Special Price And The Free Bonuses Are Only Guaranteed For Today...So Don't Wait.

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About Your Order:

YES! Detective Howe, I want Instant Access to the Career Cop Law Enforcement Hiring System so I can gain the Competitive Edge throughout the Law Enforcement Hiring Process. I understand that Career Cop is fully backed by your Unconditional 60-Day Money Back, No Risk, Triple Guarantee, and that if I don't feel like I am 100% Ready And Confident to start The Hiring Process or simply don't like the program for any reason, I can just shoot you an email and get a full refund with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I also understand that My Downloaded Bonuses will be FREE to KEEP even if I decide not to keep The Career Cop Law Enforcement Hiring System.

Career Cop Law Enforcement Hiring System

Don't waste another second working a job you don't love, it's time for you to start loving your career and getting paid BIG to do it! Not to mention you'll be doing amazing things to better your community.

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Bonus #2: Dressing the Part

The impression starts with your appearance! With this guide you'll know exactly what to wear in every phase and walk into your meetings with complete confidence that you are making the right impression.

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My all access resource pass gives you complete VIP access to your very own panel of experts (including myself). You'll be given special access to a restricted email address where you can send any hiring question directly to me and my experts. We'll cater an answer just for you FAST!

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Total Value: $587

Your Price: $67$17

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